The Blue Hawk Needs Analysis

Your firm or personal travel solutions should be reviewed regularly for efficiency, cost effectiveness and a positive impact on productivity.  The optimal aviation program will help to drive growth, shareholder value or fully meet personal requirements, while the wrong solution can be a costly, inefficient nightmare.

Blue Hawk Aviation provides expert aviation and aircraft advisory services and can match companies, individuals and families with the safest, most efficient private aviation solution.  We are equally adept at periodically evaluating existing corporate aviation solutions relative to current and projected requirements, as well as finding the optimal solution for companies and individuals new to private aviation.

Factors related to safety, cost, scheduling, operations, contracts, and FAA regulatory compliance vary greatly between service providers.  Blue Hawk has the experience to analytically determine you or your firm’s true requirements and objectively find the best private aircraft travel solution(s) to meet these requirements.  Additionally, Blue Hawk can advise on negotiations, partnerships, purchase arrangements, upgrades and delivery issues.

Blue Hawk represents our client’s interests alone. We do not receive or accept referral fees or other consideration from service providers or vendors.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for references and to discuss how our services can benefit your clients.

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